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Slow Carb Cookie Recipe

Ok, so sometimes it can be very tough to not eat sugar and we all crave dessert every once in a while.  Well, at least I know I do.  The upside of the Slow Carb diet is the fact that you get to have a cheat day once a week.  The downside is you have […]

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Three Ingredient Clean Cookie Dough Bites Recipe

My cravings for cookies and cookie dough has been out of control lately! Instead of giving in to my temptations and buying cookies or cookie dough from the store, I decided to experiment and create a healthier alternative that alleviates my cravings.  I’ve been trying to avoid eating refined sugar.  My top sweetener alternatives have […]

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Frozen Banana Bites Recipe

A friend of mine passed this recipe along to me recently and it was too good to not share with you guys! Once again, it’s so simple to make as well as very clean and healthy.   First, slice up some bananas.  I often get made fun of by my family because I have a […]

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