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Categorizing Character Traits in a 5th Grade Class

We’ve successfully transitioned into our Character Study unit and I’m liking the direction it’s going so far! To begin our unit, the students worked cooperatively to create a list of character traits to refer to when reading and thinking about their characters. Once the list was created, they sorted it into positive, negative, or neutral traits in order to help identify appropriate traits that match their characters.

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Motivating Readers Through Our Classroom Reading Challenge!

This interactive bulletin board is a great way to motivate students to read and discuss their reading with their peers. After the students finish a book, they fill out a “completed book square” to add to the bulletin board under the genre of the book they read. Included on the completed book square is the title, author, rating, and one sentence summary of the book they finished reading. They have their own personal challenge to read more books than they ever have before. So far they love it and it has been very successful!

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Interactive Twitter Bulletin Board

This interactive bulletin board is a fabulous way to quickly assess your students learning and individual needs during instruction. They love the fact that it involves social media as well so they are actively engaged and have a strong desire to WANT to tweet. Perfect for all subjects and a variety of grades!

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Launching Reader’s Workshop {Guidelines & Expectations}

We just finished our second full week of school and have fully launched into our Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop.  My district adopted the Reader’s and and Writer’s Workshop model of instruction last year.  In the past, we used elements of the workshop in our teaching, but last year we were provided with thorough professional development […]

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