Beautiful Adventure Digital File {Freebie of the Month}


I have some exciting news!  I’ve decided to giveaway an instant download printable digital file for free each month! 

Since I’m just beginning my first Freebie of the Month, I figured that this sign would be perfect to start with since it’s all about beautiful new beginnings.

It can apply to so many different adventures that one can embark on!

Whether you just graduated high school or college, moved into a new home, got engaged, are pregnant, just had a new baby, among other things, this phrase can easily fit into your life. 

This printable file is formatted as an 8″x10″ PDF file, which is the perfect size to print on your home printer to frame and display within minutes! I recommend using a white card stock to print it on to prevent wrinkling.

I’d love to see how and where you displayed this print! So please tag me on Instagram (@eatteachlaughcraft) or post a picture on my Facebook page! :)

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