About Me

wedding picHello and welcome to Eat Teach Laugh Craft! I’m Michele, a 30 year old who’s trying to juggle the hectic life of teaching, healthy eating, some creative crafting, taking care of a beautiful new baby girl, and (possibly) maintaining a social life!

I plan to use this site to share my life with you. At times that may be a cool new recipe I just tried and loved, a project I created in my classroom that really engaged my students, a cool DIY hack to decorate or organize your home, or rather just document and share my experiences of being a new mom. 

I originally created this website back in 2013 as a way to share new recipes I came up with while I was following Tim Ferris’s diet called the Slow Carb Diet, which is outlined in his book, The 4-Hour Body. Therefore, most of the early recipes on my site are essentially low in carbs and dairy but rather high in protein and fat. While I do not strictly follow that diet or lifestyle anymore, I still make and eat a lot of those foods on a regular basis. However, moving forward, I will begin to include other, non-slow carb, healthy and delicious recipes as well.

In addition to cooking, teaching is also a passion of mine. I always knew I wanted to be a teacher ever since I was a toddler. I have been fortunate enough to teach 5th grade for the last 8 years. Over that time, I have acquired so many great resources, lessons, and ideas. Pinterest and other blogs have really provided me with fabulous ideas for my own classroom.  Therefore, I hope to inspire others as well by posting my own ideas for people to share and use.

Now onto the craft element on the blog…  I grew up in a pretty thrifty family.  My mom’s first career was a Home Economics teacher and throughout our childhood she always made or sewed everything from Halloween costumes, to holiday decorations, to general house décor. Over the years, I learned tons of ways to create expensive looking things without spending a whole lot of money.  My crafting hobby evolved over time and I eventually opened up my own Etsy Shop. Many of the items in my shop are housewarming, wedding, or new baby related as those are the events that are constantly occurring in my life. So as my blog evolves, you’ll be sure to see some of those types of projects pop up!

Lastly, being a new mom is a great adventure that I love so far. I plan to use this site to document the wonderful / scary / emotional / crazy / exhausting journey of motherhood as it occurs.

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