DIY Weekly Menu Board Tutorial

One of my favorite quotes that directly applies to my healthy living lifestyle is “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail,” by Benjamin Franklin.  The weeks that I don’t plan out my meals ahead of time are the weeks that I end up eating out a lot and indulging a little bit more than I would like to.

I saw lots of menu boards on Pinterest and decided I would make my own to assist with my meal planning.  I knew that somewhere in my mom’s house I had a collage picture frame board.  It’s been there forever collecting dust, and I finally had a use for it.  I also used scrap book paper that I already had, so this craft essentially cost no extra $$$ out of my pocket.  Those are the best kind of crafts! 

Feel free to use any type of frame you have lying around as well.  However, I personally love the collage picture frame board because it allows more space for each individual day. Plus you get to mix and match different patterns for the backgrounds to create a more fun look.  


  • 5-7 pieces of scrap paper (size will vary depending on you frame size)
  • Collage picture frame board with 5-7 frames
  • Scissors
  • Dry erase marker


  1. Select your scrap paper.  I love buying books of scrap paper that have lots of different patterns that all look great when put together.  My favorites right now are Stella Rose and Ooh La La.  I use them for lots of projects around my house and always get lots of compliments about the designs. Just be careful that the design you select isn’t too busy or too dark.  I’ve noticed that it’s much harder to read my Tuesday meals because the paper I chose is a little bit busy.  IMG_6763
  2. Fit your scrap book paper to the frame.  The easiest way to do this is by tracing the back of the frame directly on your paper, cut it out, and place it in the frame.  It doesn’t matter if you can see the line once you cut it out because that part will be covered by the frame’s boarder. IMG_6765
  3. Place all of your scrap book pieces into their respective places of your frame.  IMG_6761
  4. Use a dry erase marker to label each frame with the day and meal you plan to make. IMG_6758

There you go! The whole craft only takes about 10 minutes.  I usually change mine every Sunday before I head to the supermarket for the weekly groceries.  I use my board mainly for our nightly dinners. We typically eat the same thing for breakfast every day, and our lunches are usually our leftovers from dinner the night before.  If you use a frame that has more picture slots, feel free to add on Saturday and Sunday.  You can also use the big center picture for the weekend meals as well.  I chose not to because we aren’t as strict with our meal planning during the weekend. 

Comment below with any questions and to let me know how yours turns out!  



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