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Classroom Management Compliment Chain

I use a “compliment chain” to promote positive behavior, respect, and responsibility within my classroom. This super simple management technique has made a huge difference this year! All you need is some construction paper, marker, and a stapler and you’ll all set!

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Get to Know Your Class Using Poetry and the Common Core

The first few days of school are typically spent getting to know your students through various ice breaker activities and projects. This poetry writing activity is not only engaging for all students, but it also allows you to incorporate the common core standards as well! We wrote “The Important Thing About Me” poems using “The Important Book” by Margaret Wise Brown as inspiration.

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Motivating Readers Through Our Classroom Reading Challenge!

This interactive bulletin board is a great way to motivate students to read and discuss their reading with their peers. After the students finish a book, they fill out a “completed book square” to add to the bulletin board under the genre of the book they read. Included on the completed book square is the title, author, rating, and one sentence summary of the book they finished reading. They have their own personal challenge to read more books than they ever have before. So far they love it and it has been very successful!

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Investigating Primary & Secondary Sources in Social Studies {Hands on Activity!}

As a fifth grade inclusion teacher, I try to make a lot of my social studies lessons hands-on. Lecturing to fifth graders and asking them to read straightforward from a text book does not always allow the students to make deep connections and make sense the content we are currently studying.

This is a hands-on interactive activity that allows students to develop a strong understanding of the difference between a primary and secondary source!

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Interactive Twitter Bulletin Board

This interactive bulletin board is a fabulous way to quickly assess your students learning and individual needs during instruction. They love the fact that it involves social media as well so they are actively engaged and have a strong desire to WANT to tweet. Perfect for all subjects and a variety of grades!

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Healthy Homemade Crab Cakes {Slow Carb Recipe}

Crab cakes are one of my favorite appetizers to order in the summer. Let’s face it, they’re delicious! However, often when you order crab cakes at a restaurant, they are filled with lots of unhealthy and unnecessary ingredients that your body can do without. Check out my healthier version of this delicious summer recipe!

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Dining Out on the Slow Carb Diet

So I’ve been MIA for the last few months.  Between finishing my graduate classes, teaching my darling 5th graders, and planning my wedding, my blog has not seen a new post in a while! Because I have constantly been on-the-go lately, the time I have for food prep and cooking has been dramatically reduced. As […]

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