DIY Card Saver Craft

photo 3I love getting snail mail.  There’s something about opening up the mail and seeing a handwritten card that makes you feel so good! One of the downfalls about getting cards is that I never know what to do with them after I read them.  I feel terrible if I throw them out.  However, sometimes there are just too many to display all over my house.  Not to mention, when is the appropriate time to take them down if they are on display? Then is it ok to throw them out? I still don’t think so… This craft is one I originally saw somewhere on Pinterest and knew I had to try out myself.

photo 1


My boyfriend and I recently got engaged and received a ton cards.  We displayed them for about a month on our entrance table but now it’s time to pack them up and save them to read for a later date.



Materials:photo 2

  • Hole puncher
  • Binder ring
  • Cards



All you need to do is punch a hole in the top left corner of the cards and organize them in a way that looks the best to you.  I like the mix up the sizes and shapes of the cards, while some people might prefer to organize them in size order.  Either way, you can now save and hang your cards up to view and read at a later point.  


photo 5This is great for any occasion, not just engagements.  I saved all of my Christmas cards I received this year and made a ring for them as well.  Now I have a visual reminder of who to send cards to next year when the time comes, as well as a reminder to send thank you cards for our engagement gifts. Birthday cards would work great too!


You might be thinking, ok great, now the cards are all together on a ring but I still don’t know what to do with them.  We chose to hang ours up on the cork board that’s in our apt and put the Christmas cards in the box with all the Christmas decorations so that I don’t forget about them come Christmas time.  It will also be really fun to look at the pictures on the Christmas cards a year later to see how much everyone has grown! Feel free to comment below and let me know what you did with yours. :)

photo 4

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