DIY Wine Cork Vase Decor

I love super fast and easy ways to decorate. This is a project that takes about a total of 3 minutes.  

wine cork vase

I bought a whole bunch of artificial flowers from the dollar store to use for my remodeled wine bottle project.

artificial flowers  

I didn’t realize I would use so few flowers for that project.  I decided to incorporate some of the leftovers into a floral arrangement for my apartment.  However, the thing that I hate about artificial flowers is that the stems are a dead giveaway that they’re fake.  

wine corks

In order to cover up those ugly stems, I filled the vase with a few wine corks from my stash. I have bags and bags of wine corks packed away in case I get a sudden urge to create something crafty with them.  I am still yet to find my bigger project in which I will use a majority of these corks.  Ideas are welcome! 

The vase I used for this project was actually marketed as a glass fish aquarium, not a floral vase.  The vases I looked at were about three to four times the price as I paid for this “aquarium”.  I don’t remember exactly, but I’m pretty sure I got it for $2.99 at Michael’s.  

Let me know what you think! :)

wine cork vase half fullHelpful Tip:

I recommend filling the vase up halfway with the corks, then insert the flowers, and then finish filling the second half of the vase with the corks.  Otherwise you might not be able to get the flowers all the way in!







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