Pinterest Recipe Round Up {Turkey Burgers}

Pinterest Recipe Round Up Turkey BurgersWhen the weather starts to get warm people are outside more frequently. It’s the season of picnics and barbecues! There many BBQ foods to enjoy through out the season. A popular go-to item are burgers. Although you can have a burger anytime of the year, it’s nice to start up the grill and comfortably enjoy cooking your food outdoors. If you’re a slow carb dieter you may be wondering how you can enjoy this meal without the temptation of eating the bun. What’s a burger without a bun anyway? In this week’s Pinterest Recipe Round Up, I’ve collected different variations of ways to enjoy a burger with out the carbs that go along with it. 

Portobello Turkey Burger

Portobello BurgerCarbs can certainly feel like they are filling you up, but they’re actually empty calories a lot of the time. The next time you’re looking to enjoy a meaty burger try this turkey burger recipe. Ground turkey is a lean meat, and you can pretty much add anything to it to add flavor. This recipe calls for spinach and sun dried tomato, along with a few other basic ingredients. Mix these all together and form your burger patties. you can cook these anyway you prefer. 

If you’re using the grill, throw on two portobello mushrooms. Once everything is cooked, place the burger on the portobello mushroom, and cover with the other side. Using the mushrooms as the burger buns is a great way to add more vegetables to your meal, and fill your stomach with healthy ingredients. The meatiness from the mushrooms will surely keep you full and satisfied. 

Thai Turkey Burger With Almond Butter Chili Sauce

Thai Turkey Burger With Almond Butter Chili SauceThis recipe is healthy, slow carb friendly, and put s a unique twist on an American classic. The burger consists of lean ground turkey and minced veggies. Combine the listed ingredients, mix well and form your burger patties. While the burgers are cooking, mix together the ingredients for the sauce. This burger looks good enough to eat right off the plate, but if you’re looking for that authentic burger feel, wrap this burger in lettuce and top with some of the almond butter chili sauce. Enjoy! 

Asian Turkey Burger

Asian Turkey BurgerGround turkey is an ingredient that’s able to pick up a lot of flavor. If you’re looking for different ways to prepare your burgers, try my Asian Turkey Burger. Combine the necessary ingredients to form your burger patties and cook either on a hot skillet or grill. If you’re really craving a bread like bun for your burger, don’t worry I have a solution. Follow my slow carb bagel recipe. These gluten and grain free bagels are the perfect slow carb substitute for a burger bun. The best part is they can go with any of these recipes! 

Turkey is a lean meat that has a lot of protein. When heading to outdoor get togethers, or if you’re hosting a bbq keep in mind there are plenty of ways to enjoy burgers with everyone else while your doing the slow carb diet. These recipes are healthy, but also give alternative ways to cooking a turkey burger. 

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