5 Slow Carb Mashed Potatoes

Red Lentil Mashed “Potatoes” Recipe

This recipe is a perfect low fat alternative to the high carb traditional mashed potato side dish. Red lentils are an excellent source of protein and loaded with cholesterol-lowering fiber. What makes this recipe even better is the fact that it takes only a small fraction of the time to make, as opposed to the huge amount of time and effort it takes to peel, boil, and mash actual potatoes.

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Black Bean Spaghetti

For all you slow carb/low carb/ gluten free/ etc. eaters out there who are ex-carbaholics like myself, this is an amazing find that I am super excited about – black bean spaghetti! Check it out.

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DIY Wall Art – Keys, Phones, Wallets

I absolutely hate being late.  I despise the feeling of walking into a work meeting that has already started, searching the crowded, dark movie theater for a seat after the previews began, or anxiously sitting in traffic twiddling my thumbs while staring at the clock until I reach my final destination.  Just thinking about these […]

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Quick and Easy Hummus Recipe

Every year a few of my friends and I get together for a “Friends-giving.”  What this term truly stands for is a group of girls getting together to eat a delicious potluck Thanksgiving feast, drink a plethora of wine, gossip, and watch football for about 12 straight hours. It’s a phenomenal day.   This year, in addition […]

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