DIY Wine Cork Vase Decor

I love super fast and easy ways to decorate. This is a project that takes about a total of 3 minutes.   I bought a whole bunch of artificial flowers from the dollar store to use for my remodeled wine bottle project.    I didn’t realize I would use so few flowers for that project.  I […]

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Frozen Fruit Chia Pudding Pops Recipe

Chia pudding is my go to snack food when I’m craving something sweet.  Recently I was in Bed Bath & Beyond and saw a package of ice pop molds and decided try to transform my chia pudding into some type of ice pop for the summer to switch things up a bit. My main reason […]

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Homemade Falafel Bites Recipe

I’m a big fan of falafel.  I live down the street from a Middle Eastern restaurant that serves amazing falafel.  The only problem is, falafel is typically deep fried and contains wheat flour in the mix (which I’m trying to avoid). So now I typically only go there on cheat days. I was recently experimenting […]

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Asian Turkey Burger Recipe

Lean ground turkey is a staple item when I go grocery shopping.  There are so many different dinner options that are possible.  It’s one of my favorite versatile foods.   Recently, I’ve been craving Asian food a lot.  I absolutely love the combination of soy sauce (I use liquid aminos – a gluten free soy […]

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19 Slow Carb Bread

Slow Carb Bread Recipe {Gluten and Grain Free}

I miss bread.  Plain and simple.  Not only for the taste, but for the practicality it brings to the table as well.  What I don’t miss is how my body feels after I eat bread and other wheat products.  Every Saturday, I give myself a “cheat day” in which I allow myself to eat certain […]

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Clean Zucchini Fries Recipe {Gluten and Grain Free}

I’ve always been a big burger person.  Even when eating clean, I still eat a lot of burgers, but now I just usually eat them without the buns.  When you think of burgers, what else naturally comes to mind? That’s right, fries.  Because I try not to eat potatoes anymore, this recipe using zucchini fills […]

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