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Frozen Banana Bites Recipe

A friend of mine passed this recipe along to me recently and it was too good to not share with you guys! Once again, it’s so simple to make as well as very clean and healthy.   First, slice up some bananas.  I often get made fun of by my family because I have a […]

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Green Mashed “Potatoes” Recipe

The recipe came about because I opened my fridge and saw that I had a head of cauliflower and head of broccoli that needed to be cooked that day or else they would go bad.  Instead of just eating them plain, I wanted to try something different.  Thankfully, it tasted really good!   All you […]

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Clean Coconut Crusted Chicken Recipe

Coconut shrimp is one of my favorite appetizers.  The other day I had a random strong craving for it, but was too lazy to go to the store to buy shrimp to experiment. So I settled for coconut crusted chicken instead.  I eventually plan to try and create a clean recipe coconut shrimp in the […]

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DIY Wine Cork Vase Decor

I love super fast and easy ways to decorate. This is a project that takes about a total of 3 minutes.   I bought a whole bunch of artificial flowers from the dollar store to use for my remodeled wine bottle project.    I didn’t realize I would use so few flowers for that project.  I […]

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Frozen Fruit Chia Pudding Pops Recipe

Chia pudding is my go to snack food when I’m craving something sweet.  Recently I was in Bed Bath & Beyond and saw a package of ice pop molds and decided try to transform my chia pudding into some type of ice pop for the summer to switch things up a bit. My main reason […]

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Homemade Falafel Bites Recipe

I’m a big fan of falafel.  I live down the street from a Middle Eastern restaurant that serves amazing falafel.  The only problem is, falafel is typically deep fried and contains wheat flour in the mix (which I’m trying to avoid). So now I typically only go there on cheat days. I was recently experimenting […]

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Asian Turkey Burger Recipe

Lean ground turkey is a staple item when I go grocery shopping.  There are so many different dinner options that are possible.  It’s one of my favorite versatile foods.   Recently, I’ve been craving Asian food a lot.  I absolutely love the combination of soy sauce (I use liquid aminos – a gluten free soy […]

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